• Result compilation is relatively easy and very fast.
  • Score sheets and results are presented in MS Excel, making it very easy for the non-tech savvy teachers to adopt.
  • You can choose from a number of result templates to use rather than contracting a new one.
  • Easily adjust grading system to determine students' performance based on a particular grading system.
  • Grades are color coded automatically.
  • You don't need internet connection to have your reports ready.
  • Result are neet and error free.
  • Report cards are very flexible i.e they can easily be edited.
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Biz Magik
  • See what goes around your business every second.
  • Manage inventories seemlessly.
  • Easily manage financial records for your supermarkets, schools, hotels, grocery stores. pharmacy etc.
  • Automatically generate invoices, quotations, receipts for your customers and print in one click.
  • Get real-time notifications about what is left in stock after every sales
  • Manage sales records, know your total sales for the day in few clicks.
  • Support for Barcode Scanners
  • Manage all forms of payments (installmental etc)
  • Easily download your business transaction records to your mobile or PC in PDF or excel format for backup or for future reference.
  • Manage multiple businesses and branches from your mobile device or PC.
  • Manage customers' information.
  • Monitor employee movement.
  • With our awesome filter algorithms you are sure to get to a customer's records as fast as possible giving you the best experience.
  • Easily secure your business records with our role based access control, choose who does what, enforce restrictions.
Taoclass Mobile
  • Easily connect with the best tutors on any interest.
  • Allows you to easily connect to your Biz Magik account to receive real-time updates for your businesses via your mobile device.
  • Easily participate in quizzes and win amazing prizes.
  • Create contents and get paid.
  • Easily connect with job recruiters across the globe.
  • Create or take apptitude test via our in-built CBT system.
  • Create and add rich contents to your website seemlessly.
  • Easily embed quizzes and opinion polls in your website.